About Myself...

I had a long and distinguished policing career encompassing all facets of police investigations, developing a reputation for keeping on the leading-edge of investigative techniques and acting as a role model/mentor to junior law enforcement officers. During my service in the uniform branch I served on a Tactical Team, was a Training Officer and a Fitness Trainer.

The latter 27 yrs of my career I was an Operational Supervisor as well as a Lead
Investigator in many units such as Homicide, Robbery, Fraud, Violent Crime,

Sexual Assault and Drugs. After retiring I obtained a Duel Security Licence and continued my investigative career within the private sector.

I have conducted investigations on behalf of Provincial Corporations, National Corporations, International Corporations, Charitable Organizations, Law Firms, School Boards, Long Term Care Facilities and Private Entities.

Throughout my private sector career, I have successfully investigated matters involving but not limited to, the following:Workplace violence, harassment, workplace conduct, workplace safety, application of the Occupation Health & Safety Act, Sexual Assault, Arson, Homicide, Fraud, Theft, Pornography, Network Data Breach and cyber crimes.

I was recognized as an early adopter of computer technology within the law enforcement environment. In the early 1990s I developed an intense interest in utilizing computers to optimize investigations, streamline procedures and increase accuracy.

I developed an electronic property tracking system; devised and deployed an electronic document management system for homicide investigations; and conceived a unique electronic brief system which has radically altered and enhanced the investigative, disclosure and trial processes.

I am a recipient of more than 24 Commendations for outstanding work while performing various police duties and investigations. In 2010 I received the Halton Regional Police Services Board 'Excellence in Innovation Award' for designing and implementing a computerized electronic brief used across the Police Service.

In 2011 I was hired by Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario, to develop the curriculum and facilitate the Private Investigators Training Course, a Ministry Approved Licensing course. I developed, implemented and still teach the course. I am a Partial Load Professor at Sheridan College, on the Durham College Distance Learning Faculty and a Computer Forensic Examiner.

In the latter portion of 2014, with a view to provide Investigative Support, Investigative Training and Computer Forensics Examination to the private sector I started Symmetry Investigation Services Inc.

Alexander Fishbein
President & Founder

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